Data Entry Services


Any type of OCR services but not limited to:

Bank statements, survey forms, application forms

OCR cleaning

Insurance, banking claims, and healthcare forms

Converting manual data for internet publishing

Processing automated forms

Salary slip, tax forms, and address label.

Magazines, journals, directories, periodicals, manuscripts, etc.

Brochures, catalogs, flyers, mail orders, and bill remittance forms.

Any type of Data Entry including but not limited to:

Manual Data Entry Work

Copy & Paste Data Entry

Medical Billing Entry

Data Entry in WordPress.

eCommerce Data Entry

Image Data Entry

Legal Data Entry

Website data entry

Magento product entry

Health care data entry

eBook copy writing



Any type of Data Mining including but not limited to:

Data Cleansing

Data mining

Data scraping in any niche

Email scraping

Compiling mailing list

Websites scraping

Data enhancement

Address validation

B2B lead scraping

Database validation


All type of data conversion including but not limited to:

PDF data conversion

MS Excel data conversion

HTML data conversion

Data file conversion XML

Hard copy conversions

Image to document conversion

Brochure conversion

Catalogue conversion

eBook conversion

and many more..


All type of data management including but not limited to:

Data conversion services

OCR scanning services

Data entry services

Data analytics

Product data entry services

Document management services

Forms processing

Catalog data entry and catalog management services

Transaction processing

Data mining services

File conversion

Ebook data entry services

Outsource data cleansing

Online and offline data entry services

Image data entry services

Administrative support

PDF conversion services


All type of data processing including but not limited to:

Records Indexing

Mailing list compilation

Order entry and processing

Order processing

Data enrichment

Transaction data processing

Word processing and formatting

Purchase order management

Form processing


DataPowerHub offer complete catalog management services to its clients. This service includes:

Catalog maintenance, updates, conversion, and data indexing. These catalogs can be used for both online or offline databases or inventory management.


All type of internet and web research including but not limited to:

Products market research

B2B Lead Generation
(Name, Email, Phone number)

Data research

Reference documents research

Business web research

Internet research

Contact research

Email research