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We are a group of Christians came from a normal family background. Everyone holds an Engineering degree. We always had an urge to serve others as best as possible as Bible says, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”. So, we set out an 3D modeling engineering company. We hired a web developer with our small savings. Everything seemed costly back then. For designing a logo, we spent $100. For a simple static website design, the price tag was around $1500. Since we didn’t have a clue about what are the steps involved in web design, after waiting for six whole months, we ended up having a not-so-pleasing website design. Also, we didn’t know how to get clients. We spent about one year trying to get clients by cold calling and networking. Nothing seemed to work out. Eventually, we shut the company. Since we thought there may be a problem with that particular niche, we started another company in online grocery delivery niche. We hired a few interns. They outreached to the grocery shops and some of the grocery shops were interested. Later we realized, the grocery online delivery app needed a sound IT infrastructure, and we needed to spend a ton of money which we didn’t have. So, we had no other choice but to close the company.

Long story short, we then started a few more companies, obviously, one at a time. Those are online cloth store, app development company, web maintenance company, and online services like handy.com. We failed in everything. So, we stopped, looked back and evaluated why we failed in all of the businesses. We lacked marketing which required proper IT technology to streamline the sales and marketing processes. We spent money on the proper IT tools and experts. Also, we learned how to do web design and maintenance ourselves. We started an online service company and it became a huge success. We streamlined entire sales and marketing processes with the proper IT infrastructure and tools. Within a year, we reached $25000 per month threshold. We noticed most of the companies lacked the exact same things like we did. So, we started IT services company and included all the services which we did in our own company. We also included a free website maintenance service and web design for a small fee. We take care of the entire IT, website and webmail. Having a good IT infrastructure is almost mandatory for any successful business. As long as you have a smooth IT infrastructure, the work flow in your company will be smooth as well. It took us a month to land a client for SupportWiz, currently, we have reached 7200+ clients thanks to the value we added to our clients businesses. Thanks for reading about us and we hope to serve you too.

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