Flexible Pricing

We maintain 100% accuracy and exceed your expectation when it comes to quality, if not, you will get 200% money-back.

40 hours

$ 449
  • 5-Layers of Quality Checks

60 Hours

$ 599
  • 5-Layers of Quality Checks

80 Hours

$ 788
  • 5-Layers of Quality Checks

100 Hours

$ 899
  • 5-Layers of Quality Checks

Do you have HIPAA compliance?

Yes, we have achieved HIPAA Compliance. We have helped a ton of medical and insurance companies handled sensitive data successfully.

How can you ensure the quality and accuracy?

We give utmost importance when it comes to quality and accuracy of data. We have five layer of quality checks with separate teams. That way, we could maintain 100% accuracy over the past 10 years.

Do you have experience working with software?

We have ton of experience with working on PropStream, Chime, Zoho, Follow up boss, zBuyer, LionDesk, HubSpot, etc.

Do you do revision if we change our requirements?

Yes, we do offer unlimited number of revisions as well

How can you contact your support team?

Our support team is available 24/7 to help our clients. You can find our contact details in our Contact page.